Almost There!: Chile

Right now I'm trying out the Blogger Mobile app, so this post may look a little odd. Anyway, I'm in the airport with 6 other future, AFS 'Chileans'! Our plane leaves at around 11:00 pm, so we still have some waiting to do (This post was written at about 9:45 pm). I'm excited even though we don't get to meet out host families until Sunday. AFS, as we learned, likes its orientations. It is like a 7 - 8 hour flight to Santiago, la capital, so in reality the Chilean experience doesn't really start for awhile. Anyway, everyone is excited, a little tired, and a bit anxious - it's a perfect chemistry of nerves. 

More to come about Chile, my Host Family, and what I'm sure is going to be a lovely flight! 
*I misspoke - It turned out we got to meet our families on Saturday

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