An Andean Excursion

After a region wide storm this afternoon, I decided to step out of the suburb where I am currently located and see the mountains. I descended Los Andes and was followed by a friendly dog (which I kept at a safe distance by shouting in Spanish).

It was beautiful. After storms, there is no smog over the city, and Santiago changes. The rain cleanses the sky. Without the pollution, all is visible, and the city has a fresh glow. This picture gives Santiago no justice. The tops of the buildings shine a reflective hue of the no longer hidden sun. The mountains rest like sleeping giants, cradling the metropolis in the natural haze the clouds. Many times during my hike, I'd find myself just staring into the city - simply, awestruck.

You can see my suburb in this picture. From the beginning, it has reminded me of the song "Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds. They aren't made out of poor quality material (they are quite nice), but they are being constructed rapidly and do look all the same. (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

To the back of me, you have this sight. At that altitude, the rain became snow, covering the mountain in a beautiful summit of white powder. Hidden by the clouds, lays an even greater sight - a larger mountain covered in a blanket of nieve (snow). I didn't venture any farther. I dared not to trespass on Los Andes anymore. (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

More to come about Chile and its beautiful scenery. Our next post might be about Santiago's fantastic architecture since I will be doing a permanent location change shortly. I possibly will be much closer to the center of this great city. More to come about the move as well!

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