Chilean Host Family

Image source: Author: B1mbo Previous author Madek, Wikimedia Commons, Title: Diagrama esquemático del Metro de Santiago, Chile. El mapa no está a escala. Permission: GDFL + CC-BY-SA 2.5 Chile

We got 'em! Yes, it is official, I have a host family! Since I haven't been given the consent to say who they are yet and am still contemplating how to contact them, I will keep this brief. They seem to be a conventional western family: one father, one mother, a son, and a daughter. Their kids are roughly my age: Score! Finally, they live in the capital! Well, they live in a southern, outskirt commune of Santiago near the mountains. I'm excited. I am so close to Chile - I can taste it (figuratively)!

More to come about my Host Family, AFS, and Chile (I leave in one week!)
Fun Fact: The name of my future home is somewhere on this metro map - not very helpful, sorry, I must keep it vague right now.

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