Win a Trip to My Favorite Continent!

GoAbroad, an informative, educational organization for ... well ... going abroad, is offering a spectacular prize in a free contest! Entitled "Win The World: South America", the winner of this campaign gets a free trip to three South American countries: Peru, Brazil, and Argentina. One lucky person will visit these countries' capitals (Lima, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires respectively) for adventure and volunteering, and GoAbroad will be announcing what excursions and community service that they have planned in each city as the contest continues. They won't just set you loose in these glamorous locations.

This great opportunity is sponsored by STA Travel. It stands for Start The Adventure and is a travel agency for students. I hear it has moderately priced booking. Perfect for me, the student!

There is no entrance fee for this contest. All you need to do is go on to Facebook and find the GoAbroad page's "Win the World Contest" tab, put in your name, email, age, and nationality, say you've read the Terms & Conditions, and then submit to apply!

Sadly, you must reside in the continental United States and be at least 18 years old to be eligible. I qualify as a resident and soon this month I will also be 18 years of age! Hooray! I will apply the day I turn, but I have a lot of time to submit. The deadline is May 1, 2015. The drawing is random, so it won't help if apply right now. Do not sweat anything. No rush.

The winner will be notified after the deadline through email and the lucky bastard will receive 72 hrs. to respond. If he or she doesn't, then some other chosen individual gets the prize! Let's hope it's you or me.

Imagine if I win! Imagine if you win! I encourage everyone to apply. You may be added to GoAbroad's and STA Travel's subscription lists, but it would be totally worth it if you win. I have written for GoAbroad before, so why not travel with them? More to come about general travel contests, WWOOFing in Sweden, and my upcoming trip to LA, Cali. Mini-Chewonki reunion here I come!

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