What to Expect & Who to Follow in 2015

I was not in the city yesterday. I dare not venture into NYC today either. I'll just rest. Rest is something
I am going to work on this year. The reunion is going moderately well though.
(Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

Happy New Year all!

We have made it this far. Expat-terns is getting so old! In theory, it is improving, aging like fine wine. Or not.

I'm always looking into ways to make this website more official (expanding in social media, buying my own domain, or improving the web design), and the collection of blogs featured later in this article are hopefully what Expat-terns can be one day. They have caught my eye for their originality, comedy, and beauty - all simple characteristics that are synonymous with supremacy. To be even close to their collective level, I will have to keep traveling, become a much more accomplished writer (grammar and proofreading, I curse you!), and gain that je ne sai quoi that popular bloggers possess; however, I really don't mind the task at hand.

Expat-terns is still making a name for itself though; we are not down and out for the count! This year (I swear) is going to be big. 2015, you can expect great things from Expat-terns:

- Did someone say backpacking? I am scheduled to backpack through Central Europe this summer with a group of fellow Youths led by myself and a dear friend from Chewonki. In total, I should be passing through Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia - if not more. That is an impressive list if I do say so myself. [Smugly pats himself on back]

- WWOOF! To integrate into my friend's master plan, I have changed my WWOOFing aspirations from Sweden to the Czech Republic. If/when I find a farm, I plan to break off from the group and work for a few weeks in the countryside before meeting up with everyone later in Croatia. That means I'll be going solo for a little bit through Austria and Slovenia! Oh adventure!

- College! Yes, I am going to university. It may be abroad too ... Whether or not it is out of the United States, a lasting residency change is on its way. At the end of it all, I am going to a school. That just means more educational, travel, and career opportunities for me.

It should be an impressive solar cycle! Intricate and wondrous are my plans; let's see how they develop. However, if that is not enough for you, take a look at some of my new favorite travel bloggers for this year. Aforementioned above, these guys (and gals) are some people I will be checking up on as 2015 continues. I cannot wait to see what they have to write and say about their upcoming adventures. So without farther adieu, let's kick off the Year of the Sheep right with these fantastic fellow bloggers:

Love & Road - I love this duo. Nat and Robson comprise a pretty Brazilian couple who have not just tied the knot, but decided to travel nomadically all over the world, leaving their old lives to start a new one with only love and the road at their heels. Their travel tips are spot on, their website is simple yet stunning, and you can read their blog em Portugués também. They are young, in love, and going places! What could be a better life? I wish them the best of luck in all they will do and all places they will go. I cannot wait to read about their Southeast Asian adventures this spring.

Their Upcoming Destination(s): the Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia (I'm jealous)
Find them on: Facebook, Google+Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter

Rexy Edventures - This guy is fuckin' fantastic. Ed Rex is a British backpacker with hearing disabilities who admits to being a little too into himself. You'll find this blindingly obvious when you explore his blog; it is littered with impressive photography showcasing him, sometimes clothed, sometimes not. I'm not complaining though ... Besides having a big personality (in the best way possible) full of quirkiness, he is an accomplished traveler, and I value his writing. It is humorous and personable like he is telling a story directly to you, but he still remains an informative resource, deserving respect and recognition.

His Upcoming Destination(s): Last time I checked, he was in Croatia. Is he heading toward the Balkans?
Find him on: Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Alex in Wanderland - This woman's blog is so beautiful it makes me cry, look at Expat-terns, and then cry some more. An expatriate at heart and an American like myself, Alex has an impressive web presence that blends the personal and professional through her confessions and travel tips, guiding her readers from departure through arrival. Additionally, her photography is splendid; I could get lost in her Flickr for hours if not days. She also has travel quotes displayed proudly on her website; she's a girl after my own sentimental heart. Though I cannot use all her advice (I don't own rompers or bikinis to pack), it is clear to me that she's a popular voice in the young traveling community regardless of gender. She's now on her fourth year of trekking and blogging, and I am sure her incurable wanderlust will take her to some interesting destinations this year.

Her Upcoming Destination(s): Wherever she wants to wander ... I don't know ... Thailand?
Find her on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, and Flickr

I follow all these lovely travelers on Twitter and will be retweeting their great works throughout the year. You can find my other blog favorites on Twitter now too, so feel free to follow me at @Expatterns if you want a double dose of awesomeness including my updates! This is a new year folks; it's a whole new ball game. Expat-terns is updating. I may hail in comparison versus these blogs, but that is just more inspiration, more gas in my tank. This year will be kick-ass because we are going to kick-ass. There is so much in store for 2015 - get your duffel bag, pack your passport, and leave your inhibitions at home. We are going places.

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